Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Microwave Cookbook.

I've lost inspiration and motivation for the past few weeks.  If I were a color, it would be gray.  Not even a charcoal gray, but just a plain, boring shade of gray.  I think it's the drastic departure of fall.  The pretty colors are gone, coats are now required and I am neck deep in the throes of grad school right now.  Remember how my fridge was pathetic and sad looking?  That pretty much summed it up for a while there and sadly it got worse before it got better. 

On a side note: Thank goodness for frozen leftovers.  And I finally went to the grocery store. 
I have mentioned before that I love cookbooks.  I love going to other people houses and flipping through their cookbooks.  I recently was doing so at a friend's house and came across this gem, buried beneath a stack of Pasta and Spanish cookbooks:

The Microwave Cookbook.  I guess I should have known given it's completed discolored and outdated cover that this was not a book that had been made anytime recently.  There is unfortunately no copyrighted year on the inside cover, but I can imagine that it was released right after microwaves became popular in the everyday kitchen.  I am young enough to have always had a microwave in my home, but seriously - I bet when the microwave made it into people's home, people raved!  Imagine the technology!  The efficiency!

After my July move, I hemorraged money left and right trying to build a little home of my own.  Pots, pans, garbages, cleaners, toilet paper, not to mention a bed and couch - all of that stuff added up.  As I entered my kitchen, I knew I was missing two things - a coffee pot and a microwave.  Both I decided I could live without.  I knew a microwave was a convenience, not a necessity, but I decided to test myself and see if I could do without.  I did not want to spend another $60.  I was spent.  And, honestly, while there were a few times I wished I had had a microwave, I did not NEED one.  I did just fine without.  But when a free microwave came across my front door, I certainly didn't turn it away. 

Back to the cookbook.  What a treat when I opened the cover.  The "genuises" behind this book found a way to make a microwave meal out of everything.  Microwave Meatloaf.  Check.  Microwave Cookies?  CHECK.  As the cover clearly indicates, you can also make a beef roast in the microwave.  According to this book, there isn't anything you can't make in your microwave.

Is this making anyone else sort of ill just thinking about it?  I wonder if this was a revolutionary book when it came out.  Imagine all the little housewives dreaming of less time in the kitchen due to this miraculous invention.

Stay tuned dear readers, for in the depths of what will surely be a long winter, I plan on doing a little experimentation to see just how far you can really go with your microwave.  :)

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