Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About Amy

I’m a librarian, but I definitely and defiantly do not fit the typical librarian stereotype. I am extroverted, which is quite rare for librarians. I’m ENTJ (this is what the CIA seeks for future agents). I love to read, but I embrace information more than I embrace literature. With that being said, I do read at least one book per week.

My BF and I have been dating since early 2005. After dating for a few years, we moved in together. Life happens. I was offered a great job at a university library that was one hour and forty minutes away. I packed up and moved in August of 2009.

Cooking for one is VERY different from cooking for two. Living alone is VERY different from living with a BF. It can be really lonely, but it has also been a time of growth and personal development.

The turning point was when I discovered my kitchen. My kitchen is truly my sanctuary. It is my zone to explore. Luckily, I have a support network of friends and family who answer my pestering questions about cooking. It can be really frustrating to not have someone to ask “is this too spicy?” or “does this need more salt?”

I was raised in rural Wisconsin with a mom, dad, and sister. With the exception of when we were attending sporting events, almost every meal was homemade goodness with fresh ingredients. My mom has always been adventurous with trying recipes. It is unfortunate that we live so far away from each other because I would love an in-person mentor to teach me how to can tomatoes, etc. Sigh..

I dye my hair a lot. It will probably fall out soon. See photos.

Just in case you were concerned about my social life, here is a photo of me singing karaoke. I love singing Cher and Annie Lennox songs.

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