Thursday, August 26, 2010

Transported by a smell....

The other night, a glorious smell wafted through my kitchen and it smelled something like this:

More specifically like this:

State Fair Cheese Curds.  It's a modern Christmas Labor Day miracle. 

And just like that, that smell transported me back to some of the greatest times of summers past.  The Minnesota State Fair is like something else, with it's carnie rides,  fried food stands, unique Food on a Stick creations, award winning farm animals, vendor booths and a HAUNTED HOUSE - it pretty much leaves nothing out.  And while you're eating your spaghetti on a stick, you can entertain yourself by the serious people watching.  This glorious fun fest lasts a solid 10 days leading up to Labor Day.  This fair means business.  Because I grew up with all of it's glory, I thought every state had a ginormous state fair where people come from all 50 states and foreign countries that are across ponds.

I learned very quickly that the MN State Fair is rare.  My first summer in Boston, I just assumed that there was a Massachusetts State Fair and that it was as big and as grand.  I asked people about it and imagine how shocked I was that some of them had no idea what I was talking about.  My soul sister W (who grew up in MI and understands a true state fair) informed me about the Big E and I thought I was in luck.  City Living, State Fair Summers - I had hit the jackpot in my move.

The Big E sucked.  It was the size of a postage stamp, the fried foods were all wrong and there wasn't a pickle on a stick to be found.  The rides consisted of some weak ferris wheel and merry go round and the fair goers were more sad looking than entertaining.  They did have beer and I think it was it's only redeeming quality.  I'm only exaggerating slightly. You're expecting steak and instead you get a slice of deli roast beef.  You would be disappointed too.

My trip home this summer coincidentally (right) coincides with State Fair Season.  I'm so excited!!  Cheese curds here I come.  Martha's has a cookie with my name on it.  There will be ice cream!  I can pay a dollar to drink all you can drink milk (but I won't because that's just asking for a lactose reaction) and if I wanted, I could stand in line for an hour to get a bucket of french fries (but I won't because they are soggy and overrated).  You guys know exactly what I am talking about.

And I will have to convince someone to ride this with me:

Obviously the best ride, EVER.
So thank you strange city smell for taking me home for a few moments.... I know you weren't actually cheese curds, but the tease was all I needed.  Isn't it amazing what smells can do to trigger memories? 

What are your trigger smells?

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