Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Man Repeller

I love funny blogs. Have you stumbled upon Man Repeller? The girl is hilarious, and she writes about something that is not discussed nearly enough-- the fact that most men despise many of the clothes and accessories that women love. To quote the author of Man Repeller, "The Man Repeller is a blog about highly coveted fashion trends that women adore and men abhor." Examples include skinny jeans, bright red lipstick, shoulder pads, and harem pants. For the record, I LOVE shoulder pads.

This got me thinking about man repelling and food. I will continue wearing shoulder pads and bright lipsticks without any concern over male opinion, but this philosophy of disregarding male opinion is not at all true with cooking. With cooking, I strive to be a pleaser of both men and women. Cooking and eating are also much more sensual to me than fashion. It is a shared experience. We can't exactly share pieces of clothing at the same time ---- unless you get scandalous with a Snuggie.

My cooking has not always been stellar, and I am still a complete failure when it comes to omelets. With that being said, I think that we all strive to impress others with our cooking. Making a gross meal could actually make someone ill. When was the last time that shoulder pads made you throw up?

Since I'm committed to the BF, I'm not looking to attract males via my cooking. My focus is to keep trying to avoid repelling the BF through my cooking (<--- intentional double negative).


  1. amy - i've learned that the key to omelet success is cooking them slow, over medium low heat. have you tried that?

  2. I've tried everything. Ultimately, it is a timing/heat problem. I definitely need to also have all of my veggie chopping done before starting the omelet. This has been one of my many errors in the past. I'm too multitasky.

  3. women adore/men abhor skinny jeans?

    I hadn't even heard of skinny jeans until 5 years ago...I like boot cut a little bit of room, thankyouverymuch.

    Yeah, and I'm all about shared food. And hey, I actually spent time cooking in my kitchen last night--scrambled eggs with veggies for dinner, quiche for "dessert" and today's lunch.

  4. I think that skinny jeans were mostly the referred to as tapered 'back in the day.'