Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apartment cooking

Last week I wrote about my BF's kitchen.

My apartment kitchen is small, but I love it. I am the first person to live in my unit. Everything is NEW. A smaller kitchen just means less of an area to sweep and mop!

Here come the negatives.

I love grocery shopping, but I hate bringing my groceries into my apartment. I hate the balancing act of using my apartment keys (twice).

I usually try to carry too many bags because I hate making multiple trips out to my car, which is parked in a big apartment lot.

I have to use the stairs because I live on the 2nd floor. All of this commotion leads to broken eggs and ripped paper bags. I watch as items fall out of bags and tumble down the stairs.. Sigh.

I convinced the BF to let me borrow his blender. I don't have a blender, and I don't feel like I exactly need one. I wanted to borrow his for a recipe.

I tried to carry multiple grocery bags while also carrying his blender, and this happened:

This photo was taken after most of the glass was picked up. The language used during this incident was rated R.

Blender: 1
Amy: 0

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  1. I am so with you. I have *one* counter, an "apartment size" refrigerator (read: small freezer), and precious little cabinet space.

    I'm a little jealous of your new kitchen...the house I live in (broken into apartments) is 100 years old. And the kitchen is not a separate room but a corner in the front room.