Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grocery Store Treatment

I think that most of us have the ability to knock it out of the ballpark. You know the days when you can barely resist from saying "girllllll, you be looking good" to yourself in the mirror. We also have the days where the hair is not cooperating, blemishes decide to make a group appearance, and your clothes aren't exactly something that Heidi Klum would be caught dead wearing.

For those of you with natural beauty 365 days a year, you make me sick.

What does this have to do with cooking?

I have noticed that if I am fancified when grocery shopping, I get preferential treatment. Male grocery store employees stutter when asking "are you finding everything you need?" They are a little quicker to try to find my random, unique ingredients.

When I look frumpy and/or coming from the gym, all of this preferential treatment disappears.

In college, I pierced my nose, and in most of my daily encounters, I didn't notice a change in how people reacted to me.

Want to know where I noticed a sharp change in nonverbal communication?

Grocery stores.

The older women at the cash registers would glare and stare at my nose, and it wasn't in a "Cool, I'm glad that this girl has found a way to express herself!" It was in a "What a punk! What is this world coming to?" way.

These are some of my grocery store observations. What are yours?

Here is a fun poll on grocery store behavior.

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