Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Chili Broccoli

Frozen vegetables make fabulous side dishes. Almost every meal I have is complimented by a side of heaping side of greens - mostly because it's a healthy way to fill out a dinner. 99.9% of the time, I end up using my steamer and a sprinkle of ground sea salt - it's that simple. Bam - side dish done.

(Actually, let's be real - sometimes it's even simpler. Sometimes the steamed vegetables are the actual entree. I can't help myself. I favor simplicity. I watch my calories. I love fiber. Some people eat cereal and Bud Light for dinner. I, on occasion, eat steamed frozen vegetables and a glass of wine. Call me low maintenance.)

But I'm hungry. Mama wants to keep it simple. I don't feel like defrosting meat. I don't feel like making anything starchy. I have a bag of frozen broccoli in my freezer calling my name. Knowing I could challenge myself a bit beyond the steamer, I search the fridge in hopes of some inspiration.

Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce? Don't mind if I do. Let's chef up a side that has an Asian influence to it.

1 teaspoon Peanut Oil
1/2 teaspoon Chili Garlic Sauce
Broccoli (Frozen or fresh).

I had these ingredients on hand for a pad thai receipe I cheffed up quite a while ago. I did my shopping at the Kam Man in Quincy, MA. (an experience worth it's own post....)

Simply, an inch of water in your pot. Steam frozen broccoli (or you could use fresh broccoli too). Boil water, cover pan.  Cook until soft.  Firm, but not too firm.  Not too soggy either.

Add 1 teaspoon peanut oil and 1/2 teaspoon sweet chili garlic sauce.  Mix sauce into oil - turn on burner to medium high. Allow it to heat and start to sizzle.

Once the sauce is heated, add broccoli and mix around. Stir fry around enough to coat all the broccoli in sauce. (Tip - sauce coats about 1 cup of broccoli.)

Done! Eat up. Despite the lack of beef, this dish ended up reminding me of a beef and broccoli dish at a chinese restaurant. Fresh broccoli, little bit of kick.

Satisfying, light dinner for Moi.

175: entire serving

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  1. That calorie count is insane!

    I had to laugh at your use of "moi!" I cannot possibly read/hear "moi" without thinking about Miss Piggy.