Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kelley's New Love

My momma is the best.  In college, she would buy me things like car tires because she knew I needed them, but was too cheap to buy my own.  (Or that my money would be spent elsewhere, like on beers at Patricks and on subs at Erbs & Gerbs - I was responsible like that)  She's always been thoughtful and yet practical like that - but this year, she really hit a homerun:

Cookware.  And bakeware.

Lots of it.

Golden Oreos?  guilty.

After hearing me complain about my $10 set of IKEA cookware for the last year, she went out and bought me new kitchen stuff for my birthday slash graduation present.  A gorgeous, brand spanking new 14 pc Cuisinart Non Stick Hard Anodized set of pots and pans showed up to my office and I finally got them home last week.  Last night, I finally put them into use, and my god, I have very few words for it, other than simply, amazing.

Now, I must give some credit where credit is due.  That IKEA set did the job.  They weren't the flashiest or best made, but for almost an entire year, they cranked out decent meals.  Did they heat evenly? No.  Did all the food constantly stick to them?  Yes.  But at their core, they did their job.  I was poor, I needed to stock my new home and I needed to do it on the cheap.  Purpose served.

Now that I am a proper woman, all MBA graduated, with a big girl job and grown up responsibilities, I need proper cookware to impress very handsome men in my life so that I can continue to make amazing meals in my kitchen.  The Cuisinarts will serve that purpose.  Tonight's inaugural run was a complete 180 - non stick, easy to clean, even heat, no fire alarms... Swoon, I am in love.

Thanks Mom!  I love you!

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  1. I am glad you are deliriously happy with your present, but how am I going to top that next year???
    Love you tons!