Monday, April 25, 2011

Boston Food Trucks - Clover Food!

The City of Boston has been slower than other urban cities to embrace the idea of Food Trucks.  I'm not sure why, but we've been missing out.  BUT! All that is about to change this summer.  It was reported last week (or the week before) that the Rose Kennedy Greenway will have 12 permitted food trucks serving lunch over the summer. 

In the city of $8 salads and sandwiches, this is excellent news!!  Food trucks are usually cheaper, and often times healthier, than the multitude of sandwich shops and lunch joints dotted around the city. 

After a mid day workout, I headed back to the office, through Government Center, only to discover that THREE food trucks were parked on the concourse and serving lunch.  Already.  Before Memorial Day!  Wooo!  A little research discovered this.  I quickly scheduled a lunch date with two of my Thailand ladies and the next day we headed over to the Clover Food Truck

The guys working this truck are awesome.  The one in the hat here can answer any questions you might have - including, what the heck is BBQ Seitan?  What sandwich did that Attractive Suit just walk away with?  Which sandwich is lower in calories?  Is spring EVER going to get here?  Do you think I could get a date with the Attractive Suit?  You know, IMPORTANT questions that one must absolutely know the answers to.  He can tap your order into his little pad and they even take credit cards.  All their ingredients are locally sourced and everything on the menu is hand made.  Nicceee...

All the sandwiches are $5.  After a line of questioning, I went with the BBQ Seitan.  I've never had Seitan before.  Seitan is a protien based something or other - obviously meant to replace meat.  I was skeptical, but it had BBQ sauce on it, so really, how bad could it be?!

The answer is not that bad at all.  In fact, really tasty!  I loved this sandwich.  It was the perfect size for lunch, wasn't overly doused in BBQ sauce and the vegetables were really fresh and high quality.  The pita was a nice change over heavy breads.  I really wanted to get the rosemary fries for $3, but I am trying to be really, really good, so that wasn't in the (calorie) budget.  Seriously, the scent of those overcame my nose and I had to beat feet outta there before I succombed. 

I'm easy sell.  What can I say? Smells get every time.

Check out the Clover menu here and get down to Government Center for lunch.  Your stomach, and wallet, will be happy you did!


  1. I LOVE their BBQ Seitan- and I was just like you- asking all sorts of questions before purchasing! Im so excited for the rest of the food trucks as well!

  2. I'm super jealous of anyone with access to a food truck! Yum!

  3. love this! so yummy. did you see or have you gone to the grilled cheese truck yet?!